Milk Kefir Grains

Genuine kefir has been made traditionally for hundreds of years, and is not the same as commercial or powder starter kefir. You will find it has a superior flavor, more health benefits and greater flexibility - allowing you to choose your own milk, your own flavors and your own amount each time.

All genuine milk kefir grains have common strains. However there can be minor differences from one person’s milk kefir grains to the next. In keeping with this, our grains originate from multiple sources and have been combined to create a more diverse, balanced and stronger strain.

Our genuine milk kefir grains are grown in organic whole milk. We enjoy drinking this daily ourselves, and are very meticulous in making sure we nurture, feed and gently handle our kefir to promote vibrant healthy grains. They come from a clean, smoke-free home and never come in contact with any harmful metal or chemicals of any sort. p.s. these are NOT the packet or powder kind, these are the genuine traditional kefir grains.

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