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Milk Kefir Grains

Genuine kefir has been made traditionally for hundreds of years, and is not the same as commercial or powder starter kefir. You will find it has a superior flavor, more health benefits and greater flexibility - allowing you to choose your own milk, your own flavors and your own amount each time.

If you are new to milk kefir grains, you can find out more about its incredible history, applications and health benefits in our learning center.

The Yemoos Difference:

  • Always fed with organic grass-fed milk
  • Grown in small batches to create vibrant, healthy grains
  • Grains have been combined from multiple reputable sources to create a greater diversity of strains
  • Lab tested
  • Live grains have never been frozen nor dried
  • Packed and shipped fresh from active grains (not from stored grains)

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