Straining & Sprouting Lids



Behind the Design

We were frustrated at the lack of choices and proper materials out there for straining and sprouting, which eventually led to us designing our own. We're so excited to offer these specially designed and carefully handmade straining and sprouting lids for you to use for all your culturing needs!

Criteria we wanted our lids to meet for ferments and sprouting:

  • A higher quality stainless steel and plastic than the standards used in most kitchen utensils.
  • A choice of a non-toxic plastic strainer alternative for those who wish to avoid metal.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • An interchangeable, snug fitting screen (ability to pop out to mix and match, without worrying about them falling out on their own!)
  • Perfectly fitting lid for your regular and wide mouth mason jars (unlike some out there!)
  • Functional and convenient - straining and re-filling made easy (just pour through it!).
  • The plastic lid band doesn't rust (standard tin canning lids eventually rust, due to moisture, acids, and contact with other metals (galvanic reaction).
  • Different size options for different needs so you can customize (jar size AND mesh size!).
  • Our fine mesh option offers extra fine straining (finer than any standard kitchen strainer) which keeps out yeasty strands from kombucha and keeps in tiny grains (so you don't lose your new baby kefir or ginger beer grains) to produce clearer, smoother and creamier results!