Sourdough Overview

Sourdough bread

Sourdough is the ancient and traditional way of making all forms of bread. Sourdough is the simple process of capturing the local wild yeast and bacteria and harnessing their fermenting ability to raise flat dough into bread. Ancient hieroglyphics depict Egyptians making sourdough over 5,000 years ago. Did you know sourdough can be made mild and sweet, not just sour and tangy? To learn more about Sourdough, navigate the links to the left

Authentic sourdough can only be made by live starter, not from any kind of packet or powder. Sourdough available at the stores are usually poor imitations. If you are lucky to find a local bakery that keeps a live starter, you may know the truly delicious and wide variety of flavors and beautiful crust sourdough can offer (though expensive!). Different yeast and bacteria are unique to different localities, making it worthwhile to try different starters from all around the world.

Sourdough is simple to keep. All it needs is flour and water! It is more natural and balanced than bread containing only 'baker's yeast', keeps longer and may have a lower glycemic index. The sustainable nature of a sourdough starter makes it extremely economical and it may just become your next family heirloom! 




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