Kombucha Scobys

Commercial Kombucha popularity has skyrocketed over the past few years, however it pales in comparison to authentic home-made kombucha. Commercial kombucha uses suppressed or weakened cultures to prevent uncontrolled carbonation and alcohol. The result is that they have to force carbonate, add probiotics and fake flavorings.

Homemade kombucha is naturally so good that it does not need anything added.  Its one of easiest ferments to and you get to choose the quality, type and amount of sugar and tea used.

If you are new to kombucha, you can find out more about its unique history, applications and health benefits in our learning center.

The Yemoos Difference:

  • Always fed with organic sugars and organic teas
  • Grown in small individual batches for healthy scobys
  • Originally sourced from top kombucha growers
  • Lab tested
  • Kombucha scobys have never been frozen, dried or refrigerated. 
  • Packed and shipped fresh from properly nourished scoby hotels.