Finnish Viili Culture

Viili Yogurt has been made traditionally for hundreds of years in the Nordic countries of Sweden and Finland, where it is still popular to this day. It is also referred to as vilia, curd milk, or filia. This wonderful mesophilic (room temperture) yogurt is rarely experienced in other cultures, so we are very grateful to have some to enjoy and pass on to you, as well.

Viili is best known for it's unique thick, ropey and gel like texture. While kefir is still the powerhouse of probiotics, Viili offers the wonderfully thick spoonfuls that kefir and yogurt lovers often miss. It is also much thicker than other room temp yogurts like Caspian, Piima or Filmjölk. You will find it has a mild and delicate yogurt flavor, making it very agreeable for most palates. As a fermented milk culture, it has many health benefits including live probiotics and easily digested nutrients from the milk (including lactose).

We offer the ropey long version of viili which contains the usual strain of 'Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris'.

Viili is a mesophilic / room temperature ferment which means that its so quick and easy to make at home. There's no heating or cooling involved. It just needs to sit out at room temperature for several hours and its done.

The Yemoos Difference:

  • Always fed with organic milk
  • Distinct ropey texture (the long version)
  • Grown in small individual batches for health and vitality
  • Originally sourced directly from Finland
  • Lab tested
  • Authentic Viili culture that can be used as many times as you would like
  • Shipped in a dried stable state