Viili Culture

Viili Yogurt has been made traditionally for hundreds of years in the Nordic countries of Sweden and Finland, where it is still poplar to this day. It is also referred to as vilia, curd milk, or filia. This wonderful mesophilic yogurt is rarely experienced in other cultures, so we are very grateful to have some to enjoy and pass on to you, as well.

Viili is best known for it's unique thick, ropey and gel like texture. While kefir is still the powerhouse of probiotics, Viili offers the wonderfully thick spoonfuls that yogurt-lovers often miss. It is also much thicker than other room temp yogurts like Caspian, Piima or Fil Mjolk. You will find it has a mild and delicate yogurt flavor, making it very agreeable for most palates. As a fermented milk culture, it has many health benefits including live probiotics and easily digested nutrients from the milk (including lactose).

This room temperature yogurt is SO quick and easy to make at home, unlike heated yogurts. Its simplicity also allows for greater flexibility - you can choose your own milk, your own flavors and your own amount to makeeach time. Between Viili and Kefir, we hardly ever make incubated yogurt at our home these days!

Our Viili culture is grown in organic whole milk. We enjoy eating ours often with berries, nuts or sunflower seeds, savoring the rich, fun and unique texture and flavor. We are very meticulous in making sure we nurture, feed and gently handle our cultures to promote vibrant starters for you, as well as ourselves (and even our chickens, who love it too!) All of our cultures come from a clean, smoke-free home and never come in contact with any metal or chemicals of any sort.

p.s. this is NOT a 'one-use' packet, this is genuine dried Viili culture, which under proper care will outlive you!

p.p.s. All genuine Viili cultures contain 'Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris'. This bacteria strain is responsible for the characteristic ropey texture. Some viili cultures also produce a velvety fuzz on top (due to the yeast strain 'Geotrichum candidum') which is usually peeled off (or for the hearty, eaten). We are thrilled to offer our fuzzless one to you, which we obtained directly from Finland (we do have both in our personal home collection, though:)).

Dehydrated Viili Culture

Traditional Dehydrated Starter Culture

• Dried Viili is live Viili yogurt that has been dehydrated and is in a dormant state.
• Dried is much more reliable, strong and healthy upon activation than shipping live.
• Upon arrival, it will begin to produce Viili within just a few feedings (about 2 days)
• Excellent option for anyone living in Canada or overseas internationally.
• Can be stored for up to 6+ months in a cool, dark, dry place (or fridge) before using.
• Shipped within 2 business days both Nationally and Internationally
Step-by-Step Instructions on how to make Viili