Matsoni Yogurt Culture

Matsoni is a mesophilic yogurt which means that you can ferment the yogurt at room temperature. Which means no heating required, which makes it a lot easier and convenient. Matsoni originated from the republic of ancient Georgia and later moved to many neighboring countries, such as Armenia.

Matsoni is very smooth and slightly tangy yogurt with notes of honey permeating through.  It’s not quite as thick as most store bought yogurt or even home made viili but thicker than many room temperature yogurts such as filmjolk. It’s consistency is custard like and usually using eaten with a spoon.

Traditionally its eaten plain, or with honey or walnuts or fruit. Alternatively, some people like to eat it with bread or biscuits.

The dominate strains of Matsoni are lactobacillus delbruekii, Lactococcus lactis ssp. Cremoris, streptococcus thermophilus and acetobacter orientalis

The Yemoos Difference:

  • Always fed with organic milk
  • Grown in small individual batches for health and vitality
  • Lab tested
  • Authentic Matsoni culture that can be used as many times as you would like
  • Shipped in a dried stable state