Sourdough Pictures

Sometimes the best way to learn about something (save doing it yourself!) is to see it!

In our picture sets you can expect to find the following (more pictures coming soon!):
• Pic Tutorials (learn how to do sourdough visually, plus tips)
• Research Findings (any experiments we've documented w/ our camera)
• Descriptive Pics (measurements, size, colors, etc)
• Fun Pics (artsy stuff and crazy looking cultures!)
Sourdough starter
The starter is running out of food to eat and 'deflating', folding in on itself. After this point all the trapped air will eventually release, it will lose its volume and 'hooch' (an alcohol) will form as the starter exhausts the sugars in the flour.

Starter that has doubled. It is active and just about ready for a new feeding (it will start to collapse when it runs out of sugars in the flour to consume).

Sourdough equipment

A quick snapshot of all the supplies to have on hand for your starter - (clockwise) a wooden spoon, some measuring spoons and cups, a jar to put it in, the starter, a cloth for the lid some masking tape and a marker and/or a rubber band.

Sourdough jar

The ingredients you need for your starter (and sourdough baking basically too!). Just water and flour and the starter!

Sourdough starter from the top

A wetter starter will have tons of bubbles at the top - almost a frothy appearance. It will have trouble 'doubling' because the bubbles can't get trapped in such wet starter. Try adding more flour to firm it up and aid in the doubling. It's not necessary to see the doubling, its just easier because you visually can see and know when to feed it. Once you get the hang of sourdough you can make a wetter starter and estimate when to feed it.

 Sourdough waffles

We like to make a huge batch of waffles, fold wax paper inbetween and freeze. These taste fresh and delicious when popped in the toaster for breakfast or a snack!

Sourdough bread

Whole grain bread is darker and will always be tighter in crumb (smaller holes, denser bread). But it's healthy, and fresh ground grains are not nearly as bitter as the whole grain breads at the store!

Sourdough pancakes

We do the same thing for our pancakes as waffles (see the waffle pic). They are THE best! So delicious. Pop these little guys in the toaster if you freeze extra.

Sourdough bread

White bread will have a more open crumb (larger holes, lighter bread), and is delicious - especially with that crunchy oven crust!

Sourdough bread baked

Bread baked in clay baking vessels really comes out well. This is our very own bread photographed here. The clay breathes well and holds in moisture and heat, making an amazing crust and golden color, and moist bread that cooks really evenly too. It also helps hold the bread to its shape (instead of spreading out on a cookie pan with no side support!). We love baking bread in this because its so foolproof and delicious. 

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