Polypropylene Lid: Single

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  • Lid size Options: Wide Mouth: diameter = approx. 3.5 inches or Regular Mouth: diameter = approx. 2.75 inche. Compatible with wide mouth or regular mouth lid canning jars.
  • Mesh size Options: Fine, Regular or Large. Fine is finer than any other straining lids out there, making it excellent for use with all of our cultures, our preferred size when straining for clarity or creaminess. For sprouting this is particularly good for small beans. Regular is great for quick straining and/or handling larger cultures (like big milk grains or kombucha scobies). May not be suitable for some ginger beer plant. For sprouting this is the most versatile size - great for almost all size beans. Large is our most open weave, suited for quickest straining of large cultures (like big milk grains or kombucha scobies. Not suitable for ginger beer plant. For sprouting this is ideal for medium and large beans, chaffing off hulls and increasing breathability.
  • Material: 100% Polypropylene


Snug-fitting yet removable strainer screens with plastic lid bands for your jars. Switch it out with other sizes and materials for custom, easy straining, clean-up and space-saving storage. Plastic lid band eliminates rust problems and is more durable than the standard tin canning lid bands*. Dishwasher safe. Do not boil (it can shrink up to 1/4"), use other natural methods like vinegar or sunlight for alternative sterilization instead.

*Please be aware that standard tin canning lids eventually rust, due to exposure to moisture, acids, and other metals (galvanic reaction). You may use our stainless steel screens with those bands, but the tin band will leach rust onto the screen. We highly recommend our polypropylene or silicone screens for use with a standard tin lid band (if you are not using the plastic band).

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Customer Reviews

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Great for Milk Kefir

I don’t know why I hate using and cleaning a regular strainer so much, but this is just what i was hoping for to make my daily ritual a little easier. Also a lot smaller to store. I plan on buying a second. Love!

EXACTLY what I was looking for!

Perfect for straining milk kefir grains! With the regular lid on the jar containing the cultured kefir and grains, shake to break up the curds. Replace the lid with the coarse straining lid and turn the jar upside down into a funnel on the storage jar. Let drain and you're ready for the next batch with minimal cleanup. Yay!