Genuine Live Raw Goat Milk Kefir Grains

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Product: You will receive 1 generous tablespoon of live and healthy milk kefir grains which will come from our small, lucky portion of grains that are fed solely on our raw grass-fed goat's milk*(read notes below). It will produce atleast 1-2 cups of kefir a day to start with and much more as the kefir grains grow.

You will also receive:

  • A detailed step-by-step instructional PICTURE guide: Everything you need to know for caring for your grains and making great kefir (along with pics to show you how!).
  • Recipes: Including various flavoring, smoothies, and Italian sodas and homemade cream cheese.
  • Instructions are sent with notification of shipment, to give you time to prepare for necessary supplies and ingredients!
  • Learn more about milk kefir and our grains

Yield: This amount of kefir grains will produce about 1-2 cups of delicious kefir each day to start with and much more as the kefir grains grow.

*Notes: Raw milk produces wonderful kefir grains, due to the milk being full of enzymes and unadulterated nutrients unlike milk that's gone through commercial pasteurization and homogenization. Goats milk is particularly nutritious, similar to human's milk, easier to digest, and is not a part of the A1 and A2 milk debate, which affects cows milk (both raw and commercial).

Upon arrival, the milk kefir may give off a strong yeasty and/or sour smell when you open the bag, this is just from the natural gas produced by the grains and is to be expected.

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  • We now ship live grains internationally.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Finally, someone who knows how to ship live MK grains without having them show up starved to death from being shipped without milk.

It only took about 5 days to get them to acclamate to our goats milk and now we have pretty thick goat milk kefir which is hard to pull off. They have also doubled since we got them.

Tip, for thicker Goat milk kefir:

Use still warm from milking goat milk, let ferment to *just* before curd/whey separation, strain out only HALF of the cultured milk. Replace with fresh body temp milk, keep this cycle up and you'll end up with much thicker kefir from your goat milk.

It also helps when we feed our goats black sunflower seeds and a bit organic corn, seems to increase the protein/fat levels in the milk and by proxy feeds the MK better ☺️

Peggy Y
Excellent quality! Easily adjusted to raw sheep milk and coconut milk

So glad I purchased the grains from this site, as the grains are strong and multiply quickly. Much better quality than some of the other grains bought from other sites in the past.

Nancy M.

I had purchased some other kefir grains before these and they were very yeasty. The goat grains worked really well making a nice thick kefir that wasn't as prone to separating into curds and whey.

Active Culture

Active little suckers once you get them accumulated! I have fresh kefir everyday and my kitchen even runs cold! I usually shop around and try out different companies. But I love yemoos grains and won't be going anywhere else.


Never knew the amazing benefits of kefir until these little grains arrived to our home. My daughter’s eczema has cleared up. My husband’s long time skin issue is clearing up. All of our guts are happy and healthy! Super easy, quick, active cultures. The shipping and delivery were quick. Loved the instructions and the certificate of adoption that were included. Thank you Nathan and Emily for helping our family’s health change for the better! God bless!