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Genuine Live Ginger Beer Plant- International

This product is for international shipping only. If you live in the USA, click here.

Product: You will receive 2 tablespoons of live organic healthy ginger beer plant. You will also receive detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to get started and care for them.

  • Instructions are sent with notification of shipment, to give you time to prepare for necessary supplies and ingredients!

Yield: This amount of ginger beer plant will produce about 4-6 cups of delicious ginger beer each batch (5-7 days) to start with and much more as the plant grows.

We also DO ship these LIVE grains internationally. They are shipped first class mail. Live ginger beer survives transit for as long as a month+very well, and does perform better than dried in tests we have done. $6.00 international shipping.

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