Mesophilic (Room Temperature) Yogurts

Mesophilic or room temperature yogurts are much easier than typical yogurt making that most people are familiar with. There's no heating or cooling involved. It just needs to sit out at room temperature for several hours and its done.

Mesophilic yogurts are typically have a milder flavor that most store bought yogurt, but they all have their own unique qualities and health benefits.

Right now we offer 3 of our favorite Mesophilic yogurts - Viili and Filmjölk and Matsoni

Viili is king of thickness. It develops a wonderful ropey texture like honey. It's mild, delicious and has many health benefits.

Filmjölk is not as thick as Viili, but it's unique because the strains produce plenty of diacetyl which creates a delicious buttery flavor. Goes great with muesli / granola.

Matsoni is a bit thicker than Filmjolk. It has a very smooth flavor with notes of honey. Traditionally eaten plain or with honey and walnuts.