Live Water Kefir Grains + Strainer Set

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Product: A great set to make your own kefir at home! Perfect for those who already have jars
and just need the culture and a compatible strainer to go with it.

Set Includes:

  • You will receive 1/4 cup (4 generous tablespoons) of live active organic water kefir grains. This will produce about 4-6 cups of delicious water kefir starting out and more as it grows
  • Durable Culture-Friendly Plastic Strainer
    • Diameter of the strainer: 5.5 inches. Will easily hold and strain a quart or more.
    • Black or White - Chosen at Random
    • Made of plastic and fine nylon mesh; convenient and culture-friendly material for your milk & water kefir. Dishwasher safe.
    • Features hooks to facilitate straining your cultured beverages easily over a bowl
  • A detailed step-by-step instructional PICTURE guide: Everything you need to know for caring for your grains and making great kefir (along with pics to show you how!).
  • Recipes: Including various flavoring, smoothies, and Italian sodas.
  • Instructions are sent with notification of shipment, to give you time to prepare for necessary supplies and ingredients!
  • Learn more about water kefir and our grains

Yield: This amount of kefir grains will produce about 4-6 cups of delicious kefir each batch (24-48 hours) to start with and much more as the kefir grains grow.

Notes: Our grains are grown in Organic Whole Cane Sugar. This sugar makes for extra healthy and happy kefir grains. It also gives it a slightly brown tint (as pictured). Upon arrival, you will notice that the water kefir grains will be sitting in a light brownish liquid. The color is simply due to the organic raw brown sugar. If you grow it in white sugar, they will turn clear. Keep in mind that these grains can usually thrive in any desired sugar and will change color based on the sugar used. 

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Will ship within 2 business days. 

  • We now ship live grains internationally.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Paul S.
Healthy active SCOBY

The grains were heath, active, and included more than I expected. They smelled pretty awful though, but I rinsed them, fed them, then drained them two days later and they seemed good to go. They multiply more than I expected, too.

Tina Levy
Very Nice Product!

I bought these as a gift for a friend and she is her daily kefir water. they have grown for her and I've benefited by some of the extras. I am recommending this store to another friend who has interest in trying it out. These are the best quality I've ever seen and when I need more I will be purchasing them from you. thanks for a very nice product!

Very happy

I am very happy with my purchase. The grains were healthy on arrival, and have grown tremendously since then. They are very easy to grow. The drink is tasty when I get the mix right. I love the experimental aspect of this, so I rarely use a recipe. My 7yr old even believed it was soda one day! My favorite flavor is pineapple so far.

Katherine S
Thank you!!

I received my little guys last night, thank you!! All the information you have provided was easy to follow and very helpful, thank you again