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Product: Handmade Multi-Purpose Cloth Strainer - We are thrilled to offer this handmade straining utensil we've designed to answer many of the demands in fermenting cultures and other natural food preparation needs! :) Strains a superbly creamy-smooth milk kefir with it's fine weave

  • Fine, heavy duty 100% cotton muslin cloth - perfect density for straining, filtering, covering, draining, infusing, etc!
  • Durable wear, tear and microbe resistant rip-stop nylon edging.
  • Individually Handmade - designed specifically for the purpose of using with room temp ferments (such as milk kefir, water kefir, kombucha, sourdough, ginger beer, and yogurts like viili & caspian (cheese straining)).
  • Completely adjustable polyester drawstring cord to convert to many uses (below).
  • Washable (and boilable!) and reusable. Avoid fabric softeners and heated drying to prolong life and use! :)
  • Twist it, bend it, wrap it, hang it, boil it, no restrictions like plastic and metal strainers!

Dimensions: Fits onto any 5.5 or  6" diameter strainer (not included) for extra fine straining.  Bag holds approximately 8 cups.

Uses: as a strainer or take it off and use the adjustable drawstring to form covers, bags, filters, you name it

  • Straining - strain your cultures multiple ways, keeping all your tiny grains behind :)
  • Sprouting - sprout some of your tiniest sprouts with this breathable, fine cloth
  • Creaming - like a fine chinoix this cloth strainer will make for a super creamy milk kefir
  • Filtering - sift out and clarify liquids
  • Draining - ie jam, jelly, cheese making
  • Infusing - use for holding loose leaf tea, soup herbs, kefir flavoring
  • Hanging ie cheese-straining and ripening
  • Flavoring - Holding ingredients and/or grains
  • Covering - forms a tight breathable lid
  • ETC! See pic below for more ideas! :)

An incredible amount of useful options all adapted to aid in natural-food preparation in your kitchen!

Ferment, flavor, strain, sprout, make cheese, jam, soup, herb mixes, loose leaf tea, etc!

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