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Product: San Francisco sourdough is one of the most famous sourdoughs in the world because of its coveted crust and distinct sour flavor. San Francisco starter (this starter) contains the yeast Torulopsis Holmii and the bacteria Lactobacillus sanfrancisco. 

Dried sourdough starter is in a dormant state, making it easy for you to store for a time you choose to activate. It takes only about 1 week for it to activate once you start! We also offer live sourdough if you wish to begin upon receipt and bake just a few short days after.

You may also choose our Gluten-Free Starter option (brown rice base), which originated from the same strain but is fed and kept separate from our wheat-based starter.

You will receive a generous amount of our Authentic San Francisco Sourdough Starter (dried) - enough to start your own and have some extra to share or save easily as a back-up. You will also receive detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to activate your starter and make sourdough.

Instructions are sent with notification of shipment, to give you time to prepare for necessary supplies and ingredients!

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Yield: This amount of sourdough will produce more each day as you activate and build it. The amount of your starter at the end of activation will be enough to begin however many loaves you desire. The amount is limitless, starter is as big or as little as the amount you feed it.

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