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Product: San Francisco sourdough is one of the most famous sourdoughs in the world because of its coveted crust and distinct sour flavor. San Francisco starter (this starter) contains the yeast Torulopsis Holmii and the bacteria Lactobacillus sanfrancisco. 

Dried sourdough starter is in a dormant state, making it easy for you to store for a time you choose to activate. It takes only about 1 week for it to activate once you start! We also offer live sourdough if you wish to begin upon receipt and bake just a few short days after.

You may also choose our Gluten-Free Starter option (brown rice base), which originated from the same strain but is fed and kept separate from our wheat-based starter.

You will receive a generous amount of our Authentic San Francisco Sourdough Starter (dried) - enough to start your own and have some extra to share or save easily as a back-up. You will also receive detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to activate your starter and make sourdough.

Instructions are sent with notification of shipment, to give you time to prepare for necessary supplies and ingredients!

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Yield: This amount of sourdough will produce more each day as you activate and build it. The amount of your starter at the end of activation will be enough to begin however many loaves you desire. The amount is limitless, starter is as big or as little as the amount you feed it.

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Customer Reviews

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Gari Strawn
So lively!

Thanks for the extra dried starter, just in case something happens, lol. Everything is going well and I've been baking about every other day.

Taras Harasymiv
High quality sourdough starter

I bought the dried sourdough starter a few weeks ago and am very impressed by the quality of the starter. After 48 hours it was very active and, since then, it has been tripling in volume each time I feed it. I was also very happy with the packaging and I liked the "Certificate of Adoption" that was included with the starter - very cute touch! :o) I can certainly highly recommend this starter.

Robust Culture

I have had this starter for a while now. I stored it in my freezer and got busy so did not get it started until about 6 months later. I hoped that I did not wait too long to get to it.

The instruction card is extremely lovely and makes the process of making the starter incredibly easy. I had once tried to make my own starter a few years back but failed miserably. The instructions I received with the starter made my next attempt successful. Having the starter culture also makes getting it going much faster. A week versus two or more weeks to get a stable and active starter means fewer chances for failure.

The starter creates a distinctly tangy and sour loaf of bread. It is positively beautiful for a sandwich or simply toasted with butter and honey or jam.

I also appreciate having more than enough dried starter to make more, if, fir some reason, this current starter fails. I have established a nice routine now, however, so we are feeding and using the active starter at least once a week and then storing it in the fridge. I have been doing this now for a few months with great success.

I am very loyal to the yemoos starters or cultures and have never had a bad experience with any of the ones I have purchased over the years. The instruction cards are spot on and they even make it fun with the adoption cards.

Above and beyond

I got the starter and cards recipes and instructions. You really go above and beyond with the support needed to make this starter a success. I just activated it and it smells great! Can't wait to make breads and pancakes thanks so much!

Undeniably San Francisco flavor

I have previously owned this specific bacterial strain of SF sourdough starter but used it all without setting any aside. I was willing to spend the money for a new supply because I was so impressed by the first. The fragrance of this starter is unmistakably lovely. I have a Bavarian starter that I thought was the best, but this ranks up there with it. Very active, easy to start and reliable to maintain. Consistent rise in all recipes so far, bread, pastries and cookies. While I don't use all organic ingredients in my recipes, I appreciate being able to buy an organic starter because to me it's a hallmark of quality control. You can't miss with this one.