Genuine LIVE Milk Kefir Grains

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Product: You will receive 1 generous tablespoon of live organic healthy milk kefir grains which will produce atleast 1-2 cups of kefir a day to start with and much more as the kefir grains grow.

You will also receive:

  • A detailed step-by-step instructional PICTURE guide: Everything you need to know for caring for your grains and making great kefir (along with pics to show you how!).
  • Recipes: Including various flavoring, smoothies, and Italian sodas and homemade cream cheese.
  • Instructions are sent with notification of shipment, to give you time to prepare for necessary supplies and ingredients!
  • Learn more about milk kefir and our grains

Yield: This amount of kefir grains will produce about 1-2 cups of delicious kefir each day to start with and much more as the kefir grains grow.

Notes: Upon arrival, the milk kefir may give off a strong yeasty and/or sour smell when you open the bag, this is just from the natural gas produced by the grains and is to be expected.

Shipping: Shipping starts at $2.55. Expedited shipping available.

Will ship within 2 business days. 

  • We now ship live grains internationally. 

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful healthy grains that make fantastic kefir!

Best Kefir Grains We've Had

We tried three other's kefir grains prior to getting Yemoos grains and these are by far the most active grains and make the creamiest, best tasting kefir of all.

Yemoos grains revived the fastest of any that we received through the mail, doubling in size within 2 weeks and are now producing a quart of top quality kefir per day that tastes better than any kefir that we've bought at the store or the Farmers Market. We are already sharing with Friends and Family.

For fun, we named our grains "Scoby Lou Who" on the birth certificate they provided with them.

Mine are outperforming a previous culture already

Microbiologist and chemist here. Am experienced with maintaining kefir and sourdough cultures over the years. The Yemoos grains took off right away. I didn't rinse -- just stored them in milk for a couple of days because it was all the milk I had on hand and they arrived before I was ready.
Temperature is important so I use my lab incubator in Winter set to 80*F
My previous culture produced an inconstant product and eventually became contaminated (pink, blue or yellow color) with bacteria.
Cultures should reject outside contaminants with reasonable handling and sanitation. I am using some of my product already in a waffle recipe instead or yogurt. It tasted like commercial kefir already!
I had serious problems with oral health, but since I started taking some kefir before bed my gum issues and staining disappeared. my dentist was impressed.
A saliva assay I recently had done by Nebula Genomics showed no pathogenic bacteria at all compared to other samples in their database. Kefir is likely a natural antibiotic -- that's why it doesn't usually spoil.

S. Nemecek
Fast shipping & healthy grains

I've had my grains for about a week and they've already multiplied. I'm getting plenty of beautiful, tasty kefir for a family of three, with some to spare each day. More than happy with my purchase. The grains shipped quickly and were in great condition when they arrived. Loved the packaging!

Diane Allen

This is the second time I've ordered milk kefir grains from Yemoos and both experiences were wonderful. The first time, eight years or so ago, I ordered the kit plus the milk grains and the kit is still going strong so I only needed the grains this time. I was trying to "multi-task" one morning a few weeks ago and make kefir and tea at the same time while chatting with my husband. I watched with horror as I instantly realized I was pouring the hot water into the jar with my freshly strained grains instead of the mug sitting next to it! I immediately poured cold water on them but it was no use. I had killed them. Since then I'd been making kefir from the previous day's kefir but it wasn't the same as from grains. My order placed on a Thursday shipped Priority Mail and arrived Monday. I turned text monitoring on at so I would know the instant it arrived in my mailbox. Just had the kefir this morning (Tuesday) and it was perfect, freash and tangy. I combined it this morning with the dime sized amount of "premie" baby grains I had been nursing along, so the original culture you sent years ago still lives on in the new one. Thank you for the passion and professionalism you put into your business! You are making a difference in my life and my husband's life. Much Love!