Genuine Finnish Viili Culture

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Product: You will receive a sealed packet of dried Viili culture which contains enough for activation as well as some for back-up or a 2nd activation if desired. Once activated, the amount you keep on hand to start the next batch is entirely up to you and your needs - ie, 1/2 cup viili or 8 cups viili! *See note below on why we sell dried, only.

Note: As you maintain your viili starter, it needs to be kept in a pasteurized milk base. However, from this base, you can take portions to be used as a starter for raw or any other milk.

You will also receive:

  • A detailed step-by-step instructional PICTURE guide: Everything you need to know for caring for your culture and making great viili (along with pics to show you how!).
  • Recipes: Including various flavoring, smoothies, and Italian sodas and homemade cream cheese.
  • Instructions are sent with notification of shipment, to give you time to prepare for necessary supplies and ingredients!

Yield: This amount of viili will produce a growing amount with each feeding. Within just a few days you will have enough to make at least a cup, and exponentially more after that (2 cups the next day, 4 cups the day after that, and so on).

Notes: Dried viili is well suited for shipping internationally. It is also excellent if you are planning on fermenting at a later date, would like to travel with it, are worried about extreme temperatures or delays in transit or you'd simply like to store it as back up for several months.

  • We have chosen to ONLY sell Viili in its dried state for many reasons. Dried viili activates and balances more quickly than live. For this reason alone, it is desirable. It also is reliable to behave exactly as it did before being dried. Whereas viili subjected to being shipped live does fairly poorly, and often molds or develops off characteristics and flavors that can be hard to eliminate. Dried viili maintains its strains, purity and vigor when dried, and is not compromised, contaminated or damaged during shipping (nor does it require any exuberant chilled overnight shipping costs). It is also not necessary for you to feed it immediately and allows for you to store it for extended time before use.

Shipping: Shipping starts at $2.55. Shipped within 2 business days.

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  • International pricing varies based on weight and combined orders, starting at $3.50 for Canada and $4.00 for all other international locations.

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