Culture Heating Mat

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Product: A perfect, durable low-wattage heating mat for all your cultures. Great to have on hand for the cool seasons and chilly nights. Subtle warm heat that gently and evenly raises the ambient temperature approx. 10-20 degrees. Never overheats your cultures. If you keep your house even just slighly cool (68-70) it can be very benefitial for cultures, as per our tests. Waterproof material, easy to clean with a quick wipe. May be used underneath or wrapped around your culture jars. Note: For kombucha and other long term ferments, we recommend wrapping instead of putting directly under to prevent excessive yeast. Also wonderful for use with sourdough bread-making (imparts warmth for more successful dough proofing). 


  • 17 Watts / 120 Volts UL listed
  • Culture-friendly gentle and even temperatures
  • Convenient and generous size: 9 x 19.5 inches
  • 72 inch / 6 foot cord
  • Waterproof fabric, easily cleans
  • Slim and flexible design fits easily in your cabinets 
  • Can be used flat or wrapped around your cultures
  • Constructed for safety and durability
  • Raises ambient temperatures by 10-20 degrees

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Customer Reviews

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Daksha Thomas
Heat mat

This is an amazing product i live in a Log home and don't have heat on at night and my temp would fluctutate after purchasing the heat mat all my fermantations are amazing especially my Ginger Beer love love thank you for the amazine products that you offer