Better Ferment Airlock Lid System

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SIZE: We carry both wide and regular mouth sizes. Be sure to check which size mason jar you have at home so that the fit is compatible! Read below for measurements.

  • Wide Mouth diameter = approx. 3.5 inches, and Regular Mouth diameter = approx. 2.75 inches.
Product: Hands down one of the best things you can own if you are fermenting anything of any nature, and our most recommended and popular product! We have created this lid set to help improve your ferments, without breaking the bank (no costly jars, shipping, etc!). Simply add this lid system to any mason jar you already have and experience the wonderful results of an air lock!
Why an airlock? When fermenting symbiotic cultures the benefits of a cloth lid usually outweigh those of a closed lid. But with an air lock you have the best of both worlds. 


  • It allows built up gas pressure to escape
  • Remains more clean and 'pure' (in strains)
  • Keeps the outside air (foreign yeasts, bacteria, and bugs) out 
  • Discourages yeast over-activity (off flavors, bitterness, excess alcohol, etc)
  • Helps avoid culture cross-contamination (you can ferment kombucha and kefir side by side)
  • Makes your culturing endeavors look elegant and impressive if we do say so ourselves!;) 
How to use:
Simply twist this handy lid onto your favorite ferment and you're good to go, it can't get much simpler than that! Ferments usually taste better and have a wonderful boost of healthful bacteria too.


This lid system includes:

  • one re-usable gasket for a perfect seal while fermenting
  • one bpa-free plastic lid with silicone grommet - to allow for a quick, easy and tightly sealed entrance for the air lock
  • one silicone plug - to allow you to transfer your ferment directly to the fridge without needing to change the lid if desired
  • one 3-piece air lock - simply fill with a touch of water (which acts as a barrier, letting air bubbles out, but not in.
  • wash all by hand to improve lifespan of system - will also do fine in the upper rack of your dishwasher
  • this system does NOT include a jar
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
alina b Vega
Highly recommend

Very simple... gasket secure and perfect. Love the air lock system.


I am very pleased with this air lock system.

Highly recommend

I have been making milk kefir for several years, and the result had always been inconsistent.

After using The airlock with lid system, I have had consistently thick kefir. I don’t know why it works, but it certainly does!

definitely the way to go if you are fermenting your own kefir.

Ava R

These are simple and easy! The fit is perfect and the gasket is really secure around the airlock, couldn't ask for more, these get the job done. Also super easy to clean unlike some others!


Well made and fairly intuitive to put together. It helps keep the kefir tasting and smelling better. Recommended.