Worldwide Culturing Community

Here you can view what we like to think of as our global micro-family - where our cultures travel to and eventually call home. It's fun to realize we are connected by sharing the same experience and nurturing the same cultures wherever we are. Perhaps you will be surprised and find your culture has some 'cousins' just a few miles away (or a few thousand miles away)! 

Fermented foods, much like art and music, know no boundaries. People from every culture and corner of the globe enjoy them and have passed down recipes and cultures from generation to generation. Kefir originated more than 2,000 years in the Caucasian Mountains and is one of the oldest milk ferments in existence. Making sourdough is depicted on ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. Water kefir is thought to have once grown on cacti juice in Central America, and kombucha has been passed down from generation to generation in Russia and the Ukraine.

It's our hope that you'll come be a part of this Worldwide Culturing Community, a fancy name for all of us out there who have joined in on the age-old tradition of sharing, passing down and support nourishing, time-honored foods. Being more connected to and caring for our food inevitably rewards us with good health, greater sustainability and a richer life.