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Raw Wildflower Honey - West Michigan

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Pure raw organic honey harvested from our very own hives on our small farm in the beautiful rural countryside of West Michigan. This honey is part of a small, limited fresh 2012 summer batch. In our own humble opinion the flavor of this batch is just exquisite.

Our honey is unheated and unfiltered, retaining all the precious aspects of raw honey (enzymes, pollen, flavor, vitamins etc). Our bees and hives are handled by us using natural methods and are not exposed to any chemicals.

Our bees 'free range' all the wild flowers locally to their hearts content and live in 2 hives at the edge of our forest on our property. When we take walks, we often spot our bees in other nearby wild flower fields, feasting on flowers such as Wild Clover, an old Alfalfa field, and our numerous Black Raspberry bushes scattered across our acreage.

Aside from our farm fresh eggs, we have not enjoyed anything finer! :)

* This is a 12 oz sealed squeeze bottle with gift tag. *

Included is a fun and informative 6 page pamphlet on raw honey, our farm, and some fun honey bee trivia.

Thanks and ENJOY!! :)

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