Special Sugar Blend: Yemoos Water Kefir Food - Bulk Bags

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Product: We are thrilled to offer our brand new, specially formulated water kefir food bags. It's everything you need besides water kefir grains and water for one quart size batch. These food bags encourage healthy balanced grains and also lend a delicious, subtle flavor to your water kefir beverage! Each bag is made of a special in-house blend of all organic, sustainably harvested sugar and pure pink himalayan salt. 

Ingredients: organic cane sugar grown in the US, organic sustainably harvested coconut sugar, unrefined organic rapadura, and pure unprocessed pink himalayan salt.

  • 10 servings or lots (2.1 oz per serving) per bulk bag
  • Each serving or lot is designed for 1 quart batch
  • A special blend of organic sustainably harvested sugar and salt to meet all your water kefir grain's nutritional needs.
  • Promotes active, healthy growing grains
  • Delicious flavor
  • Convenient and time saving - no need to purchase several hard-to-find ingredients or measure them out. Just pour out the sugar blend, stir and you're done!
  • Comes in a bulk bag with a special scoop designed for one quart sized batch
  • We also offer individual bags

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Customer Reviews

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Special sugar blend

I add other sugars but the special blend helps add the needed nutrients to the water. Along with the well water, my grains are becoming quite large and active !

Love this product

it makes kefir so easy to do.
Because my water is mineral rich, I do "stretch" it a little by adding a little organic refined cane sugar. Otherwise I have to dump excess grains every few batches. So I do keep one additional sugar on hand, plus the honey and blackstrap molasses that I actually eat.
A dribble of blackstrap molasses will perk your grains right up if they seem a little tired.

Sugar blend

Makes my water kefir taste so great! Love this blend.

Love it!

Great blend.....helps feed your water kefir with ease...Love it!!

Nice Blend!

The water kefir grains just love this blend. They are very active and healthy when fed with this sugar blend. Recommend getting a few bags, even if it is just to help them adjust to their new homes a little more readily.