January 16, 2019

How big can water kefir grains get?

Large water kefir grains in hand

Here at Yemoos Nourishing Cultures, we love to grow our water kefir grains big. Typically water kefir grains won't grow super lager, because they are more fragile than milk kefir grains and tend to break apart early in the process. In the years of fermenting water kefir grains, this one is perhaps the largest we've experienced:

Large water kefir grain compared to a penny

Large water kefir grain in hand vertical

If you squeezed that grain, it would likely instantly break up into about 20 different grains. It's truly beautiful see these precious relics from the past manifest in such unique ways. If you have any pictures of unique water kefir grains, please do send it our way and we will feature it.

Another unique quality of water kefir grains is their ability to change color based off sugar in which they are grown in. Here is a picture of the kind of color variations you can get with water kefir grains:

water kefir grains different sugar colors


The greater the molasses content, the darker the grains will get. If they are exposed to cherry juice, they will turn bright red. If they are exposed to grape juice, they will turn purple. Water kefir grains are like the chameleons of the fermenting world. Out of all the cultures out there, nothing looks more beautiful than those shimmering amber gems.