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Organic Kombucha Loose Leaf Tea - 14 Pre-measured batches

Product: Organic Kombucha Loose Leaf Tea Set. 14 Pre-measured batches. 8 Tea Set Choices. 


We are so excited to now offer our brand new loose leaf kombucha tea sets. 

Q: Why do we offer this?  

A: Honestly to just make your life much simpler and your kombucha taste far better! :) 

Q: What exactly is it? 

A: This is a set of pre-measured premium loose leaf tea bags (14 quart size brews worth) so that you don't have to research loose leaf, go around finding special teas, measure, bag, or any of that kind of stuff! :) No special bags or tea balls needed either! Tea bags and even loose leaf are all designated for 6-8 oz cup beverage (not a quart!) BUT our bags are specially made for the perfect amount for a normal quart brew of kombucha, which cuts down on waste and guessing. All tea is Organic.

We have discovered what flavors and teas work best with our kombucha 'scobys' over the years. If you really want good tea, you have to delve into the loose leaf world. We have put together (and bagged together!;)) our knowledge of flavor, performance, and quality to bring together what we hope will be a truly simple way for you to brew successful, delicious, top-quality kombucha, easily! :)
What you Get (the details!)
Just plop our pre-measured bags in your boiled water, add your kombucha scoby and your good to go! :) 
✿Our natural, unbleached environmentally-friendly manila hemp tea bags contain just the right amount of loose leaf tea for a standard Quart Batch of Kombucha. Each set has 14 bags (for 14 one-quart brews). Please note that loose leaf puffs up quite a bit once hydrated, unlike 'fannings' found in regular tea bags (thus, some loose leaf appears small in quantity until hydrated).
✿The set will include your choice of tea (see below), from Green to Black to Rooibos to more exotic options like Oolong or Darjeeling. See below for more details on the flavor choices.
✿Each tea bag is heat-sealed, and the set will arrive to you in a sealed container. (Scoby not included, but available in our store - check our facebook for updates if not in stock).
Ok, Time to Choose! (Flavor Decisions, Decisions...)
We offer 7 organic teas to choose from. There are hundreds of teas out there, but we tried to narrow it down to what we feel is a superb handful of options for the kombucha brewer.
Each tea we hand selected had to make the cut for high quality, affordability, and flavor.
In general, Green is standard for kombucha, Black is stronger flavored and then there are some teas 'inbetween' if you want a bit of both worlds. :) 
1. ✿Dao Ren: (Green Tea) 
This green tea is one of the most delicious styles of green tea. There are many styles of green tea out there. Dao Ren is often considered the 'just right' tea - carefully hand plucked during the optimal Spring harvest to yield a cup which has a delicate, yet, pronounced flavor with soft fruity notes. Beautiful green tea flavored kombucha results await!   
2. ✿Assam: (Black Tea)
By far the most popular and palatable black tea, Assam has proven its superiority by consistently delivering a full-bodied flavor, which is both dark and malty. Produced exclusively from the highly skilled tea region of Assam in India. 
3. ✿Oolong: (Black/Green 'Hybrid')
The most popular 'in-between' tea. Fruity like black, grassy like green. A perfect marriage of flavor, very popular for kombucha! We offer a rare form of this tea, which is richly fermented and rolled to conserve freshness and flavor.
4. ✿Pu-erh: (Mild Black Tea, sort of!)
Rich, deep and sweet without excessive strength. This particular tea is known for it's myriad of health benefits when fermented with a scoby: as a general tonic, as an aid to digestion of fatty foods and relief to hang-over symptoms, may help reduce body weight and help reduce cholesterol in the blood stream, better circulation and relief from the pain of varicose veins. May also provide relief from some symptoms of digestive problems, IBS, Crohn's Disease and other inflammatory disorders. 
5. ✿Darjeeling: (Black/Green 'Hybrid', one of the most unique teas)
For coffee lovers and tea haters, this can be an excellent flavor for kombucha! It's described often as a rich 'golden' flavor with notes of grape. It's also known as the 'champagne' of teas and has a very unique and delicious flavor (this is a lovely blend of first and second flush harvests).
6. ✿Rooibos: (non-caffeinated option) 
Proven to be successful for brewing kombucha- one of the only non-caffeinated options, actually! Has a nice mellow flavor like an herbal tea blend. The rooibos we have selected to share with you is a high quality South African Red Bush variety.
7. ✿Yerba Mate: (Exotic South American tea, contains caffeine)
An exquisite and hugely popular South American tea (contains caffeine) that has proven to be successful in making Kombucha. Most people who love Yerba Mate, love kombucha Yerba Mate even more! This is an exceptional quality yerba mate full of flavor. For those that have never tried it, Yerba Mate is a distinctly strong tea...'Mate has the strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate' as the saying goes. 
8. ✿OR!...if you can't decide and want to try them all, choose our 8th option which is a mixed pack! :) (2 bags of each flavor, for a total of 14 bags.) 
*By The Way, Why Loose Leaf?? (Extra, unnecessary reading, if your eyes aren't sore yet!)
For most people there are 3 reasons to purchase loose leaf: 
1) better taste (amazingly better tasting than the fannings used in standard 'tea bag' tea)
2) more options (thousands, literally - down to how the leaf is harvested, twisted, dried, etc!)
3) higher quality (more nutrients intact, organic options, etc.)
However, most people don't get to experience these wonderful benefits due to the 4 reasons below.
For most people it is intimidating to buy loose leaf for 4 main reasons:
1) There are literally hundreds of choices and styles of tea to choose from (all with names I've never heard of before, ugh!)
2) Loose leaf tea is foreign (ex: how do I measure it? It's loose, how do I put it in the tea? How do I store it?)
3) The cost can be prohibitive (and who wants to toss a bad batch of kombucha that cost $$ to feed!)
4) And lastly, It's not easily accessible locally. And then you are stuck with reason #1, online! :P
SO, this leaves most people just settling for the standard box off the store shelf. The same stuff that is laced with pesticides (which green tea is notorious for), and is often of very low quality (not the true leaf, just the 'fannings'). We hope with this set you will finally be able to simply and easily enjoy all the benefits of loose leaf, enhanced even further by kombucha! :)


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