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3 Mason Jars + Plastic Strainer + Lid Set

Product: Tightly woven yet breathable muslin cloth with a strong elastic band to use as your culture's cover during fermentation. We love using these- they're easy to pop on and off and give a tight seal against ants or fruit flies, plus they're washable. More sustainable than tossing out hundreds of coffee filters or paper towels, and has a perfect snug fit.

3 Wide-Mouth Mason Jars with Lids:

  • 64 ounce (half gallon)
  • 32 ounce (1 quart)
  • 16 ounce (1/2 quart)

5.5"  Black or White (chosen at random) Plastic Strainer with Fine Nylon Mesh 

  • Versatile and perfect size for straining large or small batches. Culture friendly material. It's durable build makes it our favorite nylon strainer on the market currently.

1 Re-usable Brewing Elastic Cloth Lid

  • Fits these jars perfectly as well as many other size jars. Washable and re-usable. Flexible strong elastic band, individually hand-made!

Shipping:  This set is shipped priority within 2 business days for a flat rate of $10.00. 

  • Because of the size & weight, international shipping is not available for this item.


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