Why is there a cost, and how is
it invested?

Why do we charge for our cultures - isn't it a
tradition to share and give these cultures
away? While we would love to be able to
offer all of them for free to everyone, we  
charge an 'adoption fee' for a couple
reasons. Foremost, it supports the time and
care put into our cultures. They are fed and
cared for 365 days of the year, given our
constant attention, research, care and best
ingredients. . When we send them off they
have been 'raised' and are ready to become
a new family member of your household!

In a nutshell, putting a cost/adoption fee to
the cultures covers many aspects, including:

Daily time and care for each culture
Covers the cost for the best
ingredients to ensure healthy
cultures (organic milk, whole cane
sugar, organic tea, fresh home-
ground flours)
Aids us in our on-going research
and ability to share this research
with you via this website
Enables people from all around the
world the opportunity to learn about
and try culturing
Encourages those who invest in a
culture to take the time and effort to
care for them

We also enjoy sharing our cultures locally,
giving away our cultures to our family,
friends, and neighbors.